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Dedeman Affordable Land Program

Key Features

Own a piece of our Dedeman, off Pokuase. This remarkable property presents an ideal opportunity for both investors and builders to capitalize on its prime location and lucrative prospects.

Situated in a highly desirable area, Dedeman offers a strategic location that holds immense value. With its proximity to key landmarks and major highways , this land provides easy access to essential amenities and lucrative business opportunities.

Invest in the future with Dedeman. Its location, coupled with the increasing demand for real estate in the area, ensures strong potential for growth and attractive returns on investment. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to secure your financial future.

Seven (7) Reasons Why You Must Buy Our Dedeman Lands

  1. Accra to Nsawam in 20 minutes via the express highway (10 lanes)
  2. Nsawam has a 24 hours vegetables and farm produce market, twice every week.
  3. Nsawam is a fast-growing Metropolitan city with top rated schools, banks, Telcos, hospitals, retail outlets  and hospitality amenities.
  4. Nsawam has a very low crime rate.
  5. Nsawam has a very high air quality. Come here, escape the Accra pollution, breath life and live longer.
  6. Our Nsawam lands are fully registered, very affordable and litigation – free. Come here, avoid litigation.
  7. Our Nsawam lands are fast appreciating in value. This offers the best investment options for ‘BUY NOW – SELL LATER’ investors.

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